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Dr Jaime J Pausa

Jaime J. Pausa DVM

Paradise Animal Clinic formerly known as Pausa's Animal Clinic was founded by Juan E. Pausa DVM in 1980.  Sharing the same passion as his father Dr. Jaime Pausa started as his father?s assistant, years later becoming a veterinarian.

- 2012 North American Veterinary Conference

- 2011 North American Veterinary Institute Small Animal Opthalmology

-2007 North American Veterinary Institute Orthopedics Surgery

-2006 North American Veterinary Institute Small Animal Surgery


             "Today, my focus is on preventive medical

               care, internal medicine and surgery."


University Autonomous of Mexico City (UNAM) 1990 MVZ, DVM

Internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery 1990-1992.



Isa Soto

Isa is not only a loving mother and grandmother, but the heart and soul of Paradise Animal Clinic. She has been our office manager for over 10 years, allowing our clients to feel right at home.



                  "I love all animals, but I must admit 

                        dachshunds are my breed."

Office Manager

Office Manager

Midaly Diaz

Midaly Diaz

Midaly is a veterinarian who worked with swine genetics in Cuba. She joined Animal Paradise in 2006 as a technician, assisting as an in-house lab tech specialist and in surgical procedures. She is a bibliophile, with the knowledge to help our clients care for their pets accordingly. 



                             "I must say I love cats!"

Surgical Technician

Surgical Tech and In Lab Specialist




Certified Veterinary Technician

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Edgar Aguila


Veterinary Technician

Student at the Florida International university

Orlando Lezcano



Veterinary Technician

Studying to become a Certified Vetirinary Technician

Roxamis Alvarez


Veterinary Technician

Student at Miami Dade College